Photo: Chrissy Carol Jones

Chrissy Carol Jones

I’ve been coming to Proud & Loud Arts for many years. My first performance was in Beyond the 4th Wall.

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Photo: Danielle Maycox

Danielle Maycox

My first performance was in Because You’re Worthless and I really enjoyed the drama of it all.

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Photo: Daryll Duncan

Daryll Duncan

I’m a natural born performer, but work best with an ensemble of enthusiastic artists around me.

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Photo: Janet Charlesworth

Janet Charlesworth

As a founder member of Proud and Loud Arts, I’ve had the pleasure of performing with them since 2000.

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Photo: Kelly Hoye

Kelly Hoye

I’ve been a founding member of the company since 2000, the time has flown by!

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Photo: Michael Gleave

Michael Gleave

People say I’m a natural performer and I love being on stage; especially if I’m singing, dancing or DJ’ing.

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Photo: Nick Prince

Nick Prince

I joined the group in 2011.
My first performance was the leading role, Taylor in Beyond The 4th Wall.

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Photo: Phil Breadney

Phil Breadney

My favourite roles have been Jamie in, Beyond The 4th Wall & Coco in the film, Coco’s Kitchen.

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Photo: Toby Taylor

Toby Taylor

I really value being part of this company; I enjoy contributing to the artistic practice…

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Photo: Tom Hogan

Tom Hogan

Artistic Director

Tom Hogan is a theatre director with a passion for creating social engaged performance that is varied in scale, style and staging.

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Photo: Jenny Battle

Jenny Battle

Support Coordinator

Jenny is our specialist group support worker. Ensuring our artists’ needs are met so they can focus on creative practice.


Photo: Catherine Godfrey

Catherine Godfrey

Support Performer

Catherine is one of our skilled support performers ensuring our artists’ needs are met throughout the creative process right through to performance.


Photo: Nerissa Cargill Thompson

Nerissa Cargill Thompson


Nerissa is a designer, maker and facilitator with over 20 years experience of professional and community practice.

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Photo: Susan Swanton

Susan Swanton

Movement Specialist

Our resident movement specialist, working with our artists to support their artistic physicality in rehearsal and performance.

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Photo: Michael Rollinson

Michael Rollinson

Michael, a secondary school teacher, became a trustee in 2014 and has chaired the board since 2016.

Michael has a large amount of experience having served on the national board of trustees for The Scouts between 2012 and 2015.

Michael’s role is to ensure that there is good governance, record keeping and budgeting within the organisation whilst supporting and facilitating the work of the Artistic Director. 

Photo: Samantha Johnson

Samantha Johnson

Since 2017 Samantha has worked for a Manchester based disabled people’s organisation, Breakthrough UK. Samantha is a member of the Institute of Fundraising as well as a twice nominee of the Inspire Women awards. Samantha is an avid volunteer & professional in the field of politics and communications for various charities.

Photo: Janet Charlesworth

Janet Charlesworth

Since 2000 I have been working as the Treasurer which means I look after all the finances; invoices, payments keeping track of funding and generally making sure all is ticking over correctly.

Photo: Kelly Hoye

Kelly Hoye

Since being a founder member from 2000, I have become the secretary of the theatre company. I record and deliver the minutes from meetings and work with the team to organise all necessary administration.