The day has finally arrived!

Well, the day has finally arrived and we couldn’t be more ready, the question is… are you!? But first, let’s catch up on the last two of our rehearsals: We were back at Gorse Hill Studios on Thursday, feeling very much back at home. After spending some incredibly exciting  rehearsals at different locations we were […]

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Shadow Girl takes over… Again!

Tuesday marked the first day of the final week of rehearsals for Shadow Girl – the city streets. We were incredibly fortunate to have been spending the day at the wonderfully creative spaces at Z-arts (@Z_arts_mcr). Here’s what we got up to… Our programmes are finished! With Lizzie Finlay’s illustrations looking amazing, Chrissy is thrilled […]

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Photo: Affirmations

Affirmations is an interactive, Live Art installation created by Artists living with disability labels. The work offers a perspective on the impact of social stigma and personal identity from the uniqueness of each artist’s own life experiences. Affirmations is an addition to 2016’s performance of ‘Cells – a body of work’ developed in direct response […]

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Cells – A Body Of Work

Photo: Cells – A Body Of Work

What labels would you choose? Some labels are given special treatment and a glass of champagne, some are put in a safe place where no one can find them. Others are hung out for everyone to see as an example of what happens to normality when it wanders off the path. ‘Cells – A Body Of […]

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Pyramus and Thisbe

Photo: Pyramus and Thisbe

    A tale of lovers willing to sacrifice everything to be together forever. Ryan and Sophia spend all of their time consumed by their on-line life, their relationship exists through social media, gaming and blogging. In reality they are prevented from seeing each other by their feuding parents. But when our lovers forge a secret […]

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A Few Short Films

Photo: A Few Short Films

We have created seven, very short, stand-alone films. They were created to begin a discussion about relationships for our next live production which is currently scheduled for November 2015. We have had lots of fun playing with the characters and themes and we hope they make you smile. Click on the image to see the film. […]

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