Photo: Keeping Calm and Carrying On-line

The Covid-19 Crisis

Here at Proud and Loud Arts we’re very proud that we meet twice a week, in person, to work creatively together. Now, during this dilemma, that is no longer possible.

Of course this could mean a halt to the projects we’re creating. It could mean a halt to seeing each other. It could mean a halt to communal tea and biscuits. OR, it could mean a new opportunity to get creative! Which is why we here at Proud and Loud Arts refuse to let it stop us.

So, like many organisations we’re exploring digital ways to Keep Calm and Carry On!

Shall we have a cup of tea? 

Whilst we may not be able to meet in person, we can meet online which is why we will be continuing our Tuesday sessions all together using Zoom – a remote conferencing tool that allows us to all see & hear each other at the same time. 

For our first experiment into this new way of working we decided to host a Proud and Loud Arts technology tea & biscuits morning. Granted the first 20 minutes involved a few teething problems, (various tangents, showing each other our pets, arguing over the best video games to play, getting disconnected or loosing our sound) but, we were soon all online and comparing our beverages! 

Getting Creative

Whilst we all love our social time together, we mustn’t forget that we still have a job to do, and that’s making incredible new art & performance work. With that in mind we began to look through our projects and create creative solutions. We’ve come up with a couple of new ways we’re going to work together, which include;

Toby’s Office Chair Warm-ups

Each week our Toby will kick off the session with a quick warm-up work-out… we’ve got to work-off those biscuits some how! These workouts can be done from a sitting position and are helping us get energised.

Counting to ten as a group

This classic drama game works just as well online, and is just as difficult! The aim of the game is for the group to count to ten, with only one person saying a new number at a time. If two or more people speak together then we all have to start again! And when that happens it’s a disaster! We can only succeed if we’re very focused. 

Script Doctor with Danielle 

As many of you will know our member Danielle has been focusing on her writing, with a very successful sharing of her new work Christmas With the Cratchits last December.

The feedback from this was amazing and Danielle’s eager to continue developing both this script and some others up her sleeve. So each week Danielle will share new script extracts with the group who perform an online read-through. This gives Danielle excellent insight into what is working and what needs work!

We’re excited to see what Danielle creates! 

Feminist Story-time with Kelly 

Those of you who remember Kelly’s Christmas Stories from a couple of years back will know just how good Kelly is at telling a tale, so we’re really glad to be treated to a new one each week!

Sometimes Kelly will create a new story based on her own experiences, but Kelly is also in Research and Development with a brand new project which we’ll be telling you more about soon. For this new work Kelly is keen to explore feminist literature and will be reading extracts from great books written by women.

For Kelly’s first feminist story time with the group Kelly reads an extract from “The Yellow Wallpaper” – a short story by American writer Charlotte Perkins Gilman, first published in January 1892.

Kelly then leads a discussion about the work with the group, which feeds back into her creative process. 

How can you connect with us? 

It’s all very well us meeting up, but how are we going to share our exciting work with you? Don’t panic we’re not going silent just yet!

We’re going to be sharing snippets of work-in-progress and we’ll keep you updated – if you haven’t already, follow us on our social channels and sign up to our newsletter for exclusive content. 

Two things we’re already excited to shout about are – 

New Trafford Drama Group

Before the crisis we announced the start of brand a new drama group for adults living with disability labels. Set to launch Spring 2020 in Trafford… we bet you’re thinking this won’t be happening now?

Well think again!

We’re determined to stay safe and have fun, which is why we’re still eager to digitally meet any person who wants to join our new group. Whilst we won’t be meeting in person anytime soon, we’re adapting the way we work so that this group can still continue. For now that means online interviews and virtual conferences with plenty of fun activities and exercises to keep you ‘carrying on’! 

So, if you’re over 18 years old, based in the Trafford area and living with disability labels, you can express your interest by emailing –

Covid 19 won’t stop Article 19 – Free screenings 

Due to the closure of public venues including Salford Museum and Art Gallery, we were of course unable to premiere this new work by member Janet Charlesworth. 

However, those of you who signed up to tickets via Eventbrite received a very special online screening of Article 19 and the response couldn’t have been better.

These audience members were so enamoured with this live premiere that we’ve decided to share the love.

So, we’re offering not one, but FIVE chances to see Article 19 and comment live with your friends. But once the performance screening is finished, that’s it! There’s no chance to watch it again later. 

We suggest getting some popcorn and a glass of wine (or your preferred beverage) and tuning in to watch a 35 minute screening of this new multi-media performance piece which audiences have described as –

“Wonderful to watch!”


“Intense and absorbing!” 

To join us all you have to do is click the preferred link at the right time. So, flag this page, put a reminder in your diary and follow our social channels to be reminded to tune in. 

Sign up to our newsletter to receive an email reminder 30 minutes before each screening.

Article 19 will be shown at the following times –

Monday 6th April 2020 @ 12 noon –

Tuesday 7th April 2020 @ 7pm –

Wednesday 8th April @ 1pm –

Thursday 9th April @ 3pm –

Friday 10th April @8pm –

Help us to adapt and combat social isolation by getting in touch and/or donating what you can via our