Why, in the 21st century, am I met with surprise when I tell mainly members of the medical profession that I live on my own? Why do I then feel the need to justify it by saying, as if to put their mind at rest, that I have ‘carers’ coming in. Is it because they only see my disability, as the medical model does? 

Janet Charlesworth

Artist and member, Janet Charlesworth explores historical attitudes/treatment of people living with disability labels to create this new multimedia, live part performance. The work exposes the shocking similarities between Victorian prejudice and modern day attitudes from government and media.

Janet performed an adapted version of her #CABOW piece – In My Own Time as part of Emergency Festival in September 2019. The work experimented with the inclusion of elements of Article 19 and has since been completely re-imagined to include new writing, multimedia elements and movement exploration from with the Proud and Loud Arts members company.  

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Article 19 will be shown at the following times –

Monday 6th April 2020 @ 12noon – https://youtu.be/lJ0qvREVAsw
Tuesday 7th April 2020 @ 7pm – https://youtu.be/8GyDaO4_0pU
Wednesday 8th April @ 1pm – https://youtu.be/rMyOeayO_G0
Thursday 9th April @ 3pm – https://youtu.be/xd7SMC7yc68
Friday 10th April @8pm – https://youtu.be/SoRl4fJ8x7g

Article 19 is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. Produced by Proud & Loud Arts with support and funding from Royal London, National Lottery (Awards For All), DaDa Fest and hÅb.